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Fifties was a major turning point in the US railroad industry. The transition from old steam engines to modern diesel was proceeding at a rapid pace and old spectacular steam engines, with their whistles and smoke plumes, were soon disappear .

This year was  the year of Dwight Eisenhower's election as US president, and he immediately start to sponsored build new US interstate highway programs. In next few years it will provided the trucking company with the option to deliver door to door packages, which would impact the railroad's freight traffic later.

However, the year  of fifty two was still  good, especialy for DL&W, and our train models reflects that prosperity time. Nationally over firty thousends people still occupied first class Pullman beds train cars every weeknight, and the Lackawanna Railroad attracted its  share with its brand new luxury equipment trains. The anthracite mines starting busy season, shipping product to Eastern States  markets for the winter time. And the  middle class resort in New Jersey - Cranberry Lake, still had bustling Lackawanna Railroad passenger service, with three local commuter trains each way to and from the NYC.




























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